Knowing what will be best for you and your family is difficult when you’re getting your affairs in order. Mandani Law Professional Corporation is here to guide you throughout the entire process.


A properly drafted Will provides you peace of mind, and proper estate planning undoubtedly reduces the stress placed on loved ones after your passing.


Although you can try to prepare your own Will using a Kit or an online service, it is best to have your Will drafted by a legal professional.

Think of this: You can buy shingles from Home Depot to repair your roof, but people don’t do this because they do not want to risk their lives. A Will is no different.

A Will is a legally binding document, and a properly drafted Will must contain certain formalities. A lawyer has insurance for further protection should any disputes arise.  If requirements are ignored or terms of the Will are not clearly drafted, this may result in extra-legal costs, time, and stress after the death of a loved one. Furthermore, Mandani Law provides you with a personalized and custom Will to properly reflect your unique needs.  

Unlike other law firms, Mandani Law provides you with the ONLY original document. We also store a copy of your Will and all relating documents electronically, allowing for amendments or additions to be made in the future at a reduced cost.

Mandani Law also offers reduced rates for “reciprocal” or “mirror” Wills when spouses create Wills which are almost identical.