A Will is a legally binding document to be used after an individual’s death that outlines final wishes and designates an executor who will see that the estate is settled accordingly.

While there is no requirement in Ontario to have a Will, it is highly recommended.  A Will can assist your loved ones by not having them worry about various procedural issues related to someone passing away without a Will, which can create undesired results.


When a person dies with a Will, the estate is normally distributed according to the directions in. 


If you die without a valid will you are considered to have died “intestate,” which means that the Ontario government through the Ontario Succession Law Reform Act, will distribute your estate (property, possessions, and other personal items). Your estate will not be distributed according to your wishes but according to the law.


A Corporate Will ensures the continuity of the business, the financial obligations, and the dissolution of the business, if applicable.  


A Power of Attorney for Property is a legal document that designates who has responsibility for financial decisions in the event the person cannot make competent financial decisions.


When faced with a health crisis, it can be terrifying not having any control over the decisions made about treatment, finances, and more.

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care grants power to a third party who can make decisions regarding health care, housing, and personal matters on another individual’s behalf while that person is still alive but unable to act for themselves.


A codicil is document which represents an addition or amendment to an original Will. 

Unlike other law firms, we provide you with the ONLY original document. We store a copy of your Will and all relating documents electronically. This allows for amendments or additions to be made in the future at a reduced cost.


Mandani Law Professional Corporation assists with estate filing, the processing, and administering of a deceased person’s estate through the relevant courts of Ontario to prove the validity of that person’s Will.